Thursday, August 28

Rock on gets four

out of five.

Wednesday, August 27

Bloody Americans are good!

And the reason is below.

American television has consistently pursued creativity in the form of a Lost, a Prison Break, an Apprentice, a Beauty and the Geek and/or the latest offering - The Moment of Truth. A show in which one can make a lot of money and at the same time, make you loose all your loved ones. I loved this episode especially the segment where he hugs his mother after answering a question concerning her.

And another one on a little naughtier note...!

Whom do you believe?

India's most secular 24 hour English News Channel or India's number 1 website.

Sunday, August 24

My Review - Bachna Ae Haseeno

Once again I got swept away by good...sorry excellent marketing by none other than my better half to see this latest Yash Raj offering. And because of financial constraints, I had to bloody well go at 08:50 AM to catch an early morning show. Since I TOOK the pain, here is the review.

BAH is one of those typical Yash Raj romantic comedies which is good only in parts. Most of us know the story by now. One confused guy gets three girlsat different stages in life, two of whom he rejects himself and the third girl rejects him and blah blah blah... The first track with Minissha Lamba aka Mahi is irritatingly slow and has a DDLJ hangover. Its actually in the second track with Bipasha aka Radhika where the movie lifts itself. The third track with Deepika is also good. Deepika's introduction is quite cool.

The movie has too many songs in the second half. The balle-balle and luckyboy songs was not all required. A lot of reviewers gave the second half thumbs down. I felt that the second half was much better than the first. About the cast

Minissha: Badly written character. I pray to God that there are no girls of that species in our country. And those green harem pants need to be thrown away fast.

Bipasha : Does what she is supposed to do. Show cleavage, play the 'fast' girl and smooch Ranbir. Smooch as in smooch. Not a peck. A smooch! Saif should be angry!!!

Deepika: The lady looks like a million bucks in this film, much better than OSO, but for Gawd's sake she can't act. Has to improve her dialogue delivery, A LOT. Seems that she did the role only for Ranbir given that her role is the shortest.

Ranbir : Best of the lot. Looks great. Does well in the comedy scenes though falters badly in the scene where he proposes to Deepika. Will have the girls drooling over him including the one who marketed this movie to me.

All in all, okay for a young college group but for serious cine lovers.....TRASH!

Friday, August 22

My Review - Platoon

Last to last Monday, I saw Platoon, the supposedly iconic 1986 film by Oliver Stone. I was pleasantly surprised to see 'some' negative portrayal of Americans as Hollywood generally has a legacy of hyping up all things American. I found it to be an average film maybe because I have seen so many war movies of the 90s and 2000s and now I am going backwards. Watching Charlie Sheen in a serious role was a bit awkward as I am used to watching him in stuff like Scary Movie and Hot Shots. I quite liked the character of Willem Dafoe, the Officer with morals. All in all, a one time watch.

Kashmir Vs Democracy

I got to know this from my brother. India's best blogger is asking - "Is Kashmir more important than democracy?" and also providing links to Swaminathan Aiyar's latest as well as Vir Sanghvi's latest.

Well, I seem to agree with all three of them. We should 'gift' away Kashmir to democracy. Similarly, we should conduct plebiscites in parts of western UP, parts of Assam, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Ahmedabad etc etc. We should also
ask Shabana Azmi to take part.

And after all this is done, we can kiss India goodbye.

P.S. - Fortunately for us fundamentalists and nationalist elements, there are individuals who have other ideas

Monday, August 11


Abhinav Bindra.

Buttering gets

an american twist. Some like to call it diplomacy. LOL!

Saturday, August 9

Mid-Terms are over

And I am back to blogging. So what's new? Jammu is still burning, Kashmir(is) are still lying, The Dark Knight is still rocking, Shivraj Patil is still sucking, BJP is still hamming, Katrina is still denying and so on and so forth. Life hasn't changed much except that Harsha Bhogle is still mindblowing.

Friday, August 1

And that is why I like Viru...

Some champions work on a very simple principle. If a ball is to be hit, hit it. Sometimes it works better than the walls, little masters and gods of the off side.