Sunday, May 25

Good News and Bad News - May 26th

The good news is that both the matches in the IPL yesterday were down to the wire. Chennai's loss means they are still in the hunt. And Delhi's win means that they(Delhi) as well as Mumbai are in the hunt which makes the next few matches very very interesting. The bad news is that Deccan and Bangalore will fight out today for (not) being in the last place.

Good news is that the BJP is leading in Karnataka. The bad news is that they might just be 4-8 MLAs short of simple majority.

Elsewhere : a top sports journalist butters King Khan, Shobha De comments on blogging and Vir Sanghvi writes on the IPL, the best line of which is this

"Thanks to the IPL, cricket is about to undergo a globalised blurring of loyalties in the same way that football has. It’s not that new a phenomenon, of course. There have always been foreign players in county cricket (I assume Shoaib Akhtar picked up that semi-intelligible accent while playing for Glamorgan). But the money that the IPL pays is so huge that county cricket cannot compete."

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