Wednesday, June 25

Reviews - Aamir & The Incredible Hulk

I saw two films over the last four days. Different Worlds. Different Genres. Different Industries. One is a superhero trying to live upto his name and a weird first outing. And the other is by a debutant trying to make his mark in a star obsessed industry.

I felt TIH was not upto the mark. There seems to be no story, casting is terrible, the Abomination comes in way too late, chemistry is missing between the lead pair and kanu dear, yes, Liv Tyler "HAS" grown old. In the Univerisity fight scene it seems for a moment that The Hulk is the bad guy and Emil Blonsky is the good guy. The long fight scene at the end will remind you of the boring Spiderman 3 scene at the end - too dark and too 'difficult to make out'. Really dissapointed. Was waiting for it for a long time!

I expected Aamir to be a typical secular rant but it's actually a smashing debut by Rajkumar Gupta and a sensible one by Rajeev Khandelwaal. I was made to see the film by my friends on a 'pirated' CD which I don't normally do but eventually it turned out to be a pleasure. A typically good muslim vs bad muslim story. I like the scene especially where he tells the guy on the phone - "I was not lucky. I studied in govt schools and colleges, worked hard, got a scholarship and made my destiny on my own". Brilliant line! The 'checking of luggage four times' scene at the start was unnecessary. Best film of the year?!! We will see! :-)

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fan said...

special effects were good but not spiderman type jaw-dropping [given the fact that hulk's size, behavior and other misc. things can really add up to an engaging experience]; Imagine showing the following scene in slow motion or subtle bullet-time-

"[normal pace] In the university, hulk picks up a huge log of wood or a tank's canon. [slo mo/bullet-time] he turns around and sees canon balls or tank "missile" being fired at him. [again normal pace] the canon balls or missile come towards him. [slo mo/bullet time] he "hits" those canon balls or missile with that log of wood or tank canon"

.. chemistry lacking i agree.. casting is bad, even though we can accept the guy, the girl i.e. liv tyler is too boring [megan fox? elisha cuthbert?] VIllain was good..

Story we already kinda knew, thats y thr seems to be a disconnect.. last 10 mins fight scene was actually good.. Aamir is good? cool !!