Saturday, January 10

My Review - Ghajini

You could say I spolied the fun myself by watching Memento a week before Ghajini released. But however intelligent Memento might have been, the association of a certain Mr Aamir Khan in this film always made me believe that if not anything Ghajini would have a plot aka storyline. Ghajini is a waste. Of time. Of energy. Of all those things which a cinegoer invests while watching a movie. And here is why
  1. Asin is overweight and irritating.
  2. The whole lovestory subplot(including the Sanjay Singhania bit) is impractical and stretches too far even by Bollywood standards.
  3. Aamir looks great with all that body shoddy and the hairstyle but why he gets into those Sunny Deol style screaming and shouting is something I did not get.
  4. I was hoping Murgadoss will concentrate and build upon the initial story as to when he starts tattoing on his body but no, the movie starts of with a ridiculous killing-with-a-tap scene; the buildup of whom is not clearly shown.
  5. Inspector Arjun Yadav - Who? Why? From where?
  6. The entire film has a distinct South Indian feel which ain't bad but it ain't no good either.
  7. The best part about Ghajini is Ghajini himself i.e Pradeep Rawat aka the guy who played the sardar in Lagaan. His haryanvi accent gave me some pleasure in three and a half hours of pure agony.

My nomination for the Worst Film of the year 2008.

P.S. : After watching the end credits roll, I sent a message to my dear friend - 'Is Rab Ne even worse'? Got the reply - 'Yep'.


Anonymous said...

Couldnt agree more!

Geraldo Maia said...

Hello Antonio,
From Brazil a friendly hello with my best wishes:

anjali said...


i think we both think quite alike and you dotted exactly the very same sentiments as mine. i really wondered why i spent my lovely afternoon watching that trash!!

Anonymous said...

just came back to this link again through the mail you sent...and realised I am agreeing to all your reviews...have to change something for the sake of having an argument :)