Friday, March 20

I wanna be the PM tooo

Dear readers and countrymen, here are the possible candidates for leading our great country into the 21st century.

1. L.K.Advani
If Manmohan Singh can work as the (remote)PM and
do a great job, why the hell can't I?
Claim to fame
Currently is on the
'I love Jinnah' & 'I did know Jaswant had a ticket' communities on Orkut.

2. Mayawati
If I can be
number one in corruption, why can't i get the number one job in the country?
Claim to fame

  1. Statues
  2. Corruption
  3. More statues
  4. More Corruption

3. Sharad Pawar
We need a Maharashtrian PM especially since we have
such a dynamic maharashtrian President.
Claim to fame
He is a Maharashtrian(Didn't I say that earlier?)

4. Jyoti Basu
The time has come to
rectify the historic blunder.
Claim to fame
His leadership. His vision. His age. His walk. His talk. His coverage on NDTV.

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Anonymous said...

you dint include Devegowda and Amar Singh..dont what their chances are but I am sure they too badly want the tag