Monday, May 17

My Review - Ishqiya

Finally I saw Ishqiya. And I liked it. And I swear I won't listen to other people's reviews and NOT watch a movie. Simplistic, crude, earthy and very very enjoyable, Ishqiya talks of Gorakhpur and Faizabad, locations which the Johars, Chopras and even RGVs can neither reach nor understand. All three main actors give top notch performances with Naseer taking the cake. His expressions in the song "Dil to baccha hai jee" are alone enough for an award.

I give it somewhere between three and four stars.

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Ramanathan said...

you couldn't have said it better! none of the big wigs of Mumbai film industry would dare touch that region.

the visual depiction of the rural hinterland going to dogs is a strong social comment.

brilliantly textured film. climax was a bit predictable; but nonetheless, a lovely watch.

amazing score as well..