Tuesday, January 29

You alien assholes, I am baaack!

I am back. Which is not to say that I had gone anywhere. I was here, very much. Doing the usual. Movies, Politics, Cricket. Add Job Hopping, Relocation and a 3 year old son growing up very fast to the list. 

Time is like a luxury. To do my own thing. To watch my stuff. To write. Hell, I don't even have time to think. Have been very active on Twitter though. 

I did not write even a single post in 2012. And man(!!!) the year was eventful. In terms of cinema(Small films going big, Big films going DUMB), politics(Scams, Anna 1.0 and 2.0, Kejriwal's exposes) and Cricket(thankfully, one way here, DOWN :-(). 

But there are some positives on the personal front. In May last year, I finally got a job I love which I guess makes up for everything else. The rest will follow. Will write more this year. 

Amen to that!

~ The heading is a line from the 1996 Hollywood blockbuster "Independence Day". Cheeky!

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